Hiking Shoe


Downhill Hiking Shoe

The innovative downhill hiking shoe simplifies walking downhill through its bulge on the sole and thus ensures a gentler descent.

This invention effectively prevents the knee & joint pain that often occurs when walking downhill. Due to the more horizontal stepping surface of the innovative sole, the knees are less strained. The shoe can also minimize muscle soreness after a hiking trip.

The Innovative sole

Small springs are integrated into the sole at the height of the bunion area. These are fixed with a stable plate inside the sole. 

By pulling a buckle the springs are released and the flexible latex sole expands, bulding a bulge. An additional cushion is activated, which relieves the foot when walking downhill. 

No matter what inclination you go downhill, the spring support extends to rolling over the toes and guarantees a gentle knee-joint load.

Advantages of the Downhill Shoe




Thanks to the invention, the knee joints are subjected to much less strain when walking downhill in steep terrain.

The shoe provides a flatter stepping surface and significantly cushions the movement to minimize the pressure of body weight.

Adjustable Strengths

The springs are adjustable in strength and are reset by the pressure of the own body weight.

The springs are located in the sole part directly under the bunion areat and thus ensure a more horizontal step even when walking downhill.

wide Target Group

Every leisure hiker can benefit from the invention. 

However, the invention is also suitable for restricted pedestrians to provide them with ideal support when walking downhill.

simple application

By pulling the buckle, the bulge of the shoes is activated and going downhill is much more comfortable.


Downhill Hiking shoe - How it works

The downhill hiking shoe provides a more pleasant hiking experience and makes the descent much easier due to the suspension.

Image 1

Uphill the buckle is closed & the springs are held.

Image 2

At the top you can easily open the buckle.

Image 3

When going downhill, the springs are extended and yield slightly under pressure.

Image 4

By firm pressure from above (rising) the springs contract & you can close the buckle again.

3D Visualization


Property right


Property Right: GER Patentregistration

Official File reference: 10 2020 125 146.7

Date of registration: 25.09.2020

Principle claim: For a shoe (1) with a sole (2), a bulge (5) can be created on the underside (3) of the sole (2) to facilitate walking downhill.

Reference sign: Shoe (1), sole (2), underside (3), base (4), bulge (5), spring (6), cover plate (7), latching mechanism (8), actuating element (9), heel (10), ball area (11), elastic material (12), latching tongue (13), latching nose (14), latching slide (15), leg (16), hand (17); double arrow (R), arrow (B)



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